Brookings Harbor Community Bazaar

50 Years and Counting!

             Vendor Insurance and Liability Waiver

To all participants renting table space at the Brookings Harbor Community Bazaar:

Brookings Nite Extension shall not be held responsible for any injuries to participants or any damages to merchandise.  Vendors are strongly encouraged to purchase their own liability and other insurance to protect themselves and their products.

The participants shall reimburse Brookings Harbor School District 17-C for any cost incurred to repair or replace District property damaged or removed by participants, and/or excess cleaning costs  incurred as a result of participation in the Bazaar.

 By signing below, you agree to the above waiver of liability and insurance.

_________________________________________   Date: ________________________________
Participant Signature:

Print name plainly!

 _______________________________________           ____________________________________
Address                                                                                        Phone     

Email address- please print carefully.

 Attached are the two checks/money orders for:
1) booth deposit of $25 
2) booth fee of $40. 
 Also enclose  the signed “Rules and Regulations” page. 

Questions? Contact us at or by writing to Vangie Andreason, Bazaar Chair, 17853 Carpenterville Road, Brookings, Oregon 97415.(Print, sign and return to above address by Oct. 9, 2019)

Hint:  To print this and the waiver page, highlight the info, right click and choose "print". You can also copy and paste into a word document to print.  Be sure to do it in black and white to save your color ink.