Brookings Harbor Community Bazaar

50 Years and Counting!

July, 2019                                                Web page updated, emails to former vendors begin, and publicity starts.  Note:  A new web page platform created                                                                  a need to rebuild from scratch, and is still being improved. Thanks for your patience!  Also, change of ownership                                                                    at the local newspaper and radio station have meant rebuilding relationships and plans.  Work in progress.

September 1, 2019                                  Former registration date but NOT THIS YEAR!

September 9, 2019        9am- 8pm          Registration begins.  Call  541-469-2093 to gain a booth number.  Then print the Rules and Waiver pages from                                                                       this web site, sign and mail to address shown.     

September 23, 2019                                 Generally, all 100+ booths are sold by this date and a waiting list begins.


October 9, 2019                                        Due date for Registration Rules and Waiver forms plus a $40 check for bazaar fees and a separate $25 check                                                                         for the deposit fee, to be returned at 5pm the day of the bazaar.

Mid October, 2019                                     Vendors can expect to hear from the Curry Coastal Pilot for an opportunity to place a business size add around                                                                       the full page bazaar ad to be printed on the day of the bazaar to interest buyers into coming to your booth.                                                                               Small charge and totally optional on your part.

November 15, 2019       5:30pm                Vendors will see busy elves in both venues but please don't come in until the signs on the doors are removed.                                                                         This is the normal time that the BHHS cafeteria will be ready bur school use may delay this time so please be                                                                         patient.

                                       6:30 to 7:30pm     Because  of heavy use by the schools of the Azalea Middle School Gymn, this facility traditionally will not be                                                                            ready for vendors until these times.  Watch for the signs on the doors to be removed before coming in to the                                                                            facility.  Our elves will work as fast as we can...again, your patience is appreciated.

                                       9pm                      Both facilities will be closed and locked at this time for the evening.

November 16, 2019       7am                      Both facilities will be opened as soon as the custodians come to unlock and turn on the lights.  Vendors may                                                                           enter to set up and change their displays.  Be aware we cannot ensure that early shoppers don't come before                                                                         opening.  It  is up to you if you want to serve them.  

                                       9am-5pm              50TH ANNUAL BROOKINGS HARBOR COMMUNITY BAZAAR

                                       5pm                      Deposit checks distributed along the west wall of the facility to those vendors who did not pack any of their                                                                               booth up before 5pm..  Bring the receipt you found taped in your space.

                                       5-7pm                    Vendors pack up and leave.  Have a great holiday season!